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About Ultralight Aircrafts

Feel as free as a bird when you take to the skies in an ultralight aircraft, and feel like one as you dive and zip over the heads of family and friends. For those who enjoy riding in one or two seater fixed-wing aircrafts, ultralight aviation is the perfect activity to partake in. If you want to imitate Superman but need a little help getting off the ground, try your hand at a powered parachute, gyrocopter, or Rotec ultralight kit. A true single seat ultralight aircraft that meets certain requirements does not require a license to fly, but if you have never flown a plane before, training may be helpful. You can find a large inventory of ultralight aircrafts, ultralight aircraft engines, and ultralight aircraft parts such as a replacement control stick or fuel tank grommets on eBay. Additionally, a Rans Coyote single-engine kit is perfect for a do-it-yourself project and is also available as a fully built light sport aircraft for those ready to fly.