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About Ultimate Soldier

World War II Allied troops crawl through the mud, under heavy fire from machine guns, but with a well-coordinated push, they cross the river and bomb the crucial bridge. You can recreate historical battles with the Ultimate Soldier toy line from 21st Century Toys. Comprising troops from World War II, the Vietnam War, and the modern era, the Ultimate Soldier action figure line is an exciting alternative to G.I. Joe or Action Man. Troops are available in 1/6, 1/8, and 1/32 scale, and there are also miniature Ultimate Soldier 1/48 scale model vehicles, crafted in fine detail. Realistic liveries, uniforms, and equipment make these toys as popular with collectors as they are with kids. Unfortunately, 21st Century Toys went out of business in 2013, and these products are becoming harder to find. Nevertheless, many online sellers still carry a wide range of products for sale, making eBay the ultimate source for Ultimate Soldier Vietnam, WWII, and Desert Storm action figures.