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About Ultegra Cassette

Shop the large inventory of cycling parts including Ultegra 10-speed bicycle cassettes, freewheels, and cogs!

If your nephew asked you for a new cassette, you might be puzzled, thinking he had made an unscheduled stop in his time machine. However, he is not antiquated ? your nephew is simply a cyclist looking for the Shimano Ultegra Cassette. In cycling, the cassette refers to the collection of sprockets on the crank or rear wheel of a multi-speed bike. Sellers on eBay offer an incredible variety of cassettes in various models, but this particular name on your list is an expert hobbyist and only the finest parts will do for his ride. Fortunately, he knows what he wants, and the Shimano Ultegra Cassette is available from a number of reliable sellers. The sprockets can be found in virtually every size. The Ultegra Cassette 11-28 is a common size for many road bikes. Your nephew however needs the Ultegra Cassette 12-30, a cassette that is available from many sellers. It is easy to get exactly what he wants, and just in time for his birthday.