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About UHF Antennas

If you cut the cord and decide to get rid of cable, you will need a UHF antenna to tune into most channels. If you have a small antenna, you can tune into the VHF band, which are channels two through 13. However, channels beyond this are all static. With a UHF base antenna, you can tune into more channels, up to channel 83. Yes, this means without cable, you can get these channels free. Antenna installation is important to reception. You can choose either an outdoor or indoor UHF antenna. Indoor antennas do not get as good of reception as a tall, outdoor antenna. For indoors, choose a two-bay bow tie antenna for the best reception. For outdoor use, an eight-way bow tie antenna works the best. Look for an antenna with a high gain level, measured in dB. Carefully consider the gain level for different channels, too. No matter what type of UHF antenna you decide to choose, you can find many different models available from the reliable sellers on eBay. Now you can cut the cord and still receive the TV channels that you were paying so much for.

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