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About UGG Clogs

After helping citizens work the farms, walk to the city center, go to school, and look presentable at church, Danes, inventors of the first clogs, simply tossed their tired wooden soles into the fire. With their soft leather and suede uppers, sturdy rubber soles and lined inners, UGG clogs serve the same purpose as attractive and functional footwear, just as the first Danish clogs did over 800 years ago. After everything that they get you through, hopefully your clogs meet a better fate than the fire. Clogs feature an easy slip-on design and hold your feet in place with partial uppers. Some have rubber grips along their soles, which provide extra traction. As with early Dutch shoes, modern clogs have soft, rounded edges to enhance aesthetic appeal and keep shoes firmly attached to feet. To find your perfect pair of UGG clogs, browse the large collection on eBay where you can find new and used shoes, available from reliable sellers. You can look for men's UGG clogs, which feature darker-colored chocolate brown uppers, flat soles, and plenty of soft furry cushioning. You can also search by specific shoe, like the UGG Kalie clogs, instead. These women's clogs feature light suede uppers, decorative buttons along the soles, a slight heel, and fur-lined trimming along the uppers.