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About U-Boat Watches

When you see the "Made in Italy" marking on a U-Boat watch, you know you are looking at quality craftsmanship. Every U-Boat timepiece is handcrafted in Italy with impeccable attention to detail. The designer's name, Italo Fontana, is undoubtedly Italian, but the name U-Boat evokes images of German military submarines. The brand combines Italian luxury materials with tough-as-nails military styling. The U-Boat U42 watch is a great example of this combination at work. The chunky dials and oversized numbers make the watch look rugged, and it is just as durable as it appears. If you are looking for something manly you can pair with a tuxedo or other formalwear, opt for a Classico U-Boat watch. The Classico collection features sapphire numbers on the face, and the bling instantly communicates luxury. Check out the huge selection of U-Boat watch bands on eBay and choose between the refined leather options in the Prestige line or the everyday distressed leather straps in the Vintage collection.