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About TYR Swimsuits

You are only 10 minutes into your SUP yoga class and all you can think about is adjusting your suit before your teacher guides you into another triangle pose. After class you notice a few people are wearing a TYR swimsuit and none of them were fidgeting during practice. If you are going to continue on with this eight-week program you already paid for you are going to need to get a swimsuit that is actually made for movement. TYR makes garments designed for swimmers and triathletes, so they cover where they should and provide a full range of motion. If you are shopping for a women's TYR swimsuit you want to check out the large selection available on eBay. A number of reliable sellers offer new and used ones in a wide variety of styles. A TYR one piece swimsuit is a popular favorite with athletes because it is lined, flattering, and conservative. There are even reversible styles available that make you feel like you are getting two for the price of one. If you prefer minimal coverage, two-piece training suits are also available. Most suits have an antimicrobial lining to provide odor protection, and they are chlorine-resistant to prevent fading.