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About TYR

You're a top-tier athlete, which is why you hit the gym, run the streets, or train on the courts in TYR apparel. Designed by an Olympic bronze medal winner, the brand focuses on swimwear and sportswear for athletes. TYR swimsuits are available in both casual one-piece styles and separate pieces for both men and women. Swimwear includes shorts, trunks, and even bikini tops. These items are both good-looking and functional, with several pieces designed for triathlon competitors. You'll also find athletic gear for adults and children. In addition, TYR produces accessories such as goggles, gloves, and towels. TYR backpacks range in size from the basic mesh equipment bags to rolling bags that can carry all your gear after a serious workout or training session. Shop eBay to find new or gently used athletic apparel and gear. When you need top-of-the-line sports equipment, select TYR products and find what you need to get through that next workout and to the next level.