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About Typewriter Ribbons

Your grandchildren think you must be at least a thousand years old, particularly when you regale them with stories of your days in typing class. With all the wireless and inkless technologies of today, the idea of a machine that ran on people power and required a typewriter ribbon to make the words appear on the page is the stuff of ancient history. You love their youthful take on the present and relish opportunities to teach them how the world used to be. After grabbing your dusty portable Royal case from the attic, you hop online, where you know you can find any number of accessories for your typewriter. Trusted sellers on eBay have everything from the vintage typewriter ribbon spool you need to get your manual machine roaring again to replacement typewriter keys, metal Foldamatic copyholders, and a new-to-you carry case. If you really want to blow their minds, grab a vintage Keelox Wonder Brand typewriter tin and explain its purpose. Sellers offer many delivery options to get your typewriter ribbon and other accessories to you quickly.