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About Typewriter

An old-time newspaper reporter spends a late night in the office, typing up breaking news on her typewriter so it can go to press early in the morning. A novelist sips coffee in the early hours after dawn as he hammers out prose on his Underwood. These are the kinds of images that come to mind when you think of old-fashioned typewriters. Computers and modern word processing software have all but rendered this once essential device obsolete, but like many old things, an air of romance surrounds it. There is something tactile about typing on the keys, hearing them click, and seeing the type bars strike the letters onto the page. Some people still prefer the feel of typewriters to computers. Even if you like to do your typing digitally, a vintage manual typewriter can still serve as a beautiful piece of decor in a library or office. Good typewriters are sometimes hard to find, but eBay's sellers offer a wonderful selection. From retro Underwood typewriters to electronic models, many choices are available.