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About Type R Lips

A body kit transforms and enhances the look of many sporty cars. Body kits feature a number of parts, including a bumper, fender, side skirts, a type R lip and more. Many body kit parts are available on eBay for a reasonable price from reliable sellers. These include the Civic type R lip, or any OEM type R lip, as well as any fender and bumper imaginable. The type R lip is a finishing piece for a body kit. It makes the sleek, sporty look come together in a successful transformation, and it is slim and sleek in design. Body kits give a new meaning to famous song "low rider." Just remember, when straying from the exact manufactured parts, the pieces may not fit appropriately, so be sure to do your research before buying the perfect one to add to your car. Next time you are driving your newly revamped sporty car down the open road, keep an eye on your fellow drivers?their faces will be green with envy.