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About Tyler The Creator

The hip hop world is full of rising stars, with new names breaking onto the scene with incredible mix tapes every month. However, few stars shine as bright as Tyler the Creator, the face of LA's Odd Future collective. Along with Earl Sweatshirt, Hodgy Beats, and a number of other artists, Tyler broke onto the scene as a teenager, and is now making mature music. Much of his work is a dark journey through societal impositions and teenage angst, as evident in Tyler the Creator's "Goblin" album. You can immortalize his dark vibe by browsing the impressive collection of merchandise in the vast inventory on eBay. With surreal images, Tyler the Creator shirts unite fans all across the nation. While some are simple logos, others are thinly veiled stabs at popular culture, religion, school, and other institutions. Tyler the Creator and his crew continue to push the limits of acceptance, both within mainstream hip hop culture and the world at large, through music, fashion, graphic art, and general wit and satire.