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About Tyler Stout

Movie posters often play a significant role in the overall public perception of the film, as they serve as the first impression for millions of moviegoers. When that impression is crafted by Tyler Stout, chances are, it is a good one. Tyler Stout's posters are known for their complexity and rich iconography. The artist's sense for futurism is evident both in his handling of heavy thematic elements, and in his modernist application of geometry, juxtaposition of light and dark elements, and narrative flair. Many of his works are beloved films, including "Django Unchained," "Star Trek," and "Drive." Tyler Stout's "Star Wars" series is perhaps his most famous, with iconic posters that immortalize the quest of Luke and Han Solo against the Dark Side. His free-standing work is also notable for its creativity, and in many cases, its darkness. His posters are the ultimate companion for any serious moviegoer, and they add a twist to any living space. You can find the enticing collection in the vast inventory on eBay. Tyler Stout continues to combine color, icons, and geometry in ways not typically found in the world of movie posters today.