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About Tyco Slot Cars

The Indy or Daytona 500 is your Mecca, and nothing comes between you and a good car race. When there are not any races on TV, or if you cannot make it to one in person, the next best thing is setting up your own race with your Tyco slot cars. Though perhaps not quite as thrilling as experiencing a race firsthand, playing around with a set of vintage Tyco slot cars is almost as good. For the NASCAR fan, Tyco NASCAR slot cars fit the bill perfectly. Immerse yourself in the race, call the shots, take the curves at break-neck speed, and push through to victory. Whatever type of Tyco slot cars you want, the sellers on eBay offer thousands of different kinds. Convenient shipping options let you get them shipped directly to your door quickly and easily. Before you know it, the track will be set up and you will be ready for the words, "Gentlemen, start your engines."

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