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About Ty Pluffies

Everyone remembers the blanket, doll, or stuffed animal they could not live without as a small child, and these days, Ty Pluffies make the perfect pint-sized playmate. Parents can find a wide variety of these adorable products on eBay in new or used condition including a snuggly bear, monkey, elephant, cat, frog, or Ty Pluffies Hippo. Featuring soft, mint green fur and plush, pink paws, Tubby the Hippo makes a cuddly friend for continuous toddler toting. In fact, children may become so attached to Tubby that parents or grandparents might want to purchase two of these cute fellows in case of loss or needed laundering. Shoppers looking for a delightful addition to the children's playroom might purchase a Ty Pluffies lot featuring a pair or a whole gang of fluffy friends like Dangles the Monkey, Sweetly the Dog, or PJ Teddy, an adorable baby bear dressed in Pastel-blue pajamas. Whether buying two or 22 Ty Pluffies, easy purchase from home makes for a hassle-free shopping experience.