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About Twilight Woods

What is your scent? While it sometimes takes a bit of experimenting, it is nice to have your own defining scent that you can return to time and time again, and one excellent choice is Bath and Body Works' Twilight Woods. This fragrant blend of forest aromas will grace your nostrils and those of everyone around you with warmth and mystery. With top notes of luscious berries, sparkling mandarin oranges, and exotic coconut blended with middle notes of nectar, honeysuckle, and soft mimosa, this scent is brought to completion with fresh musk, vanilla milk, and the warm smell of fresh wood. With an enticing character of Tuscan cypress, Bath and Body Works' Twilight Woods is a provocative scent that is perfect to add energy, confidence, and intrigue to your character. If this fragrance sounds like it is up your alley, you can buy many different products featuring this scent, including Twilight Woods perfume and Twilight Woods lotion. You can find all these products on eBay from one of many reliable sellers. If you do not yet have your scent, you may have just found it.