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About Twilight Saga

Bella speaks to the many teenagers and adults that had a different time portrayed in many high school movies. She became an icon to many people for different reasons, but any fan of the Twilight Saga is in love with the characters and their realism, except of course for the vampire part. The story of love transcends race and the films and book embrace the difference between the two young lovers. If you are looking to learn more about the books or watch the movies, you can find them from reliable sellers on eBay. The Twilight Saga books became huge before the movies did and consist of 5 books: the first four, which tell the story of Bella and Edward, and a spin-off book. The Twilight Saga DVDs consists of five movies, based on each of the books. There is Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking dawn, which with the movies was split into 2. All of these books and DVDs, as well as other Twilight Saga items including jewelry, dolls, shirts, and posters can be found.