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About Tweeds

Though easily dismissed as the wardrobe choice of stodgy professors with elbow patches and old-timey Scottish golfers, tweed maintains a rather distinct status among fabrics for its specific production specifications, especially concerning its two most famous variants, Harris tweed and Donegal tweed. Residents of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland weave Harris tweed from locally-sourced wool and, until recently, upheld the tradition of dying it with natural materials, particularly indigenous lichens. Donegal tweed, on the other hand, hails from County Donegal, Ireland, and relies on plants such as blackberries and moss for its unique coloration. Far from being just a simple fabric, tweed is an unassuming representative of culture, tradition, and careful craftsmanship that just so happens to be incredibly comfortable, durable, and effective at keeping moisture at bay. Whether you are interested in taking advantage of a broken-in tweed jacket or plan on stepping out for the evening in a smart tweed cap, new and used tweed offerings from sellers on eBay promise to have you looking dapper in no time flat.