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About TV-VCR Combo

Finding a good VCR is difficult these days, but you do not want to give up your prized movie collection. The solution is a TV-VCR combo. Not all classic and B-grade favorites have been released on DVD or digital format. With a combo system, you can relive the magic of your beloved movies on a TV that can easily be moved from room to room. Thanks to the large inventory found on eBay, you can choose from quality manufacturers and get a Magnavox TV-VCR combo or Panasonic TV-VCR combo. Have your own small-scale screening party on a 13- to 19-inch color set. Just pop the VHS tape in and start watching instantly. These combo sets originated in the 1980s, but still work as though they just came out of the box. They make an excellent gift for any VHS tape enthusiast or as a child's first TV. Video tapes may not be manufactured anymore, but your cherished favorites are always ready to watch with a TV-VCR combo.