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About Turtle Costumes

In addition to the ghosts, vampires, superheroes, and princesses that stroll the streets on Halloween night, the turtle costume typically makes an appearance as well. Some young children like the mild, unassuming form of a normal turtle, while others prefer the weapon-wielding Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Although manufactured options are available, for parents or caregivers who like to sew, a standard turtle shell costume is fairly easy to fashion out of some green fabric and a painted cardboard shell. A Ninja Turtle costume poses a greater challenge; so, consider investing in a ready-made version. Be sure that you know which of the turtles your child wants to be, since each one has a slightly different look and different weapons and accessories. Find the costume-making supplies you need or purchase a new or lightly used turtle costume on eBay from trusted sellers. The right costume should be comfortable, attractive, and well-made, whether your little turtle is just a few months old or toddles along on their own and say "Trick or treat."