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About Turtle Beach

Die-hard gamers know there's nothing more disrespectful than to play a groundbreaking game like Gran Turismo or Call of Duty on a miniscule TV with a subpar speaker. That's why Turtle Beach headsets not only step it up a notch, they let you hear every detail, even to the point of improving your competitive edge. When you can hear your enemy's footsteps before he appears on screen, or when you sense a revving car engine or guttural snarl, you're primed to respond in a flash. That's the affect the right sound can have on your gameplay. When it comes to headsets, you need to either go wireless or go home. Turtle Beach wireless headsets won't limit you to just one area or just one angle. You can chat with other players wirelessly as well. You don't have to wake up the neighbors to get surround sound, either. Each earpiece is equipped with multiple speakers to deliver an experience that makes you feel like you're right in the middle of the action. There's nothing worse than having to pause your game during a critical moment to answer the phone. With Bluetooth technology built right into your headset, you can take your call and level up simultaneously. Turtle Beach products come with Dual-band Wi-Fi. This means you won't experience any interference from other wireless devices nearby your gaming area, ensuring that your headset isn't the weakest link in your arsenal of gaming gear. TB headset engineers know that all games are different. Some contain subtle sounds that require you to adjust your audio settings. Others have pulse-pounding music, and you're always cranking up the bass. By saving your settings in the preset menu, you can pop in a new game and load your preferred audio settings with the push of a button.