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About Turquoise Watches

A turquoise watch is surely on your jewelry must-have list if you are a fan of the American Indian style of jewelry. Passed down from generation to generation, this hand-crafted art style survives and thrives today. Both new and used examples are available from the reliable sellers on eBay. Each tribe expresses their own style designs to make them instantly recognizable. For example, the inlaid patterns and the needlepoint and petit point designs of the Zuni silversmith are not mistakable for the large Navaho designs of the squash blossoms. You can find both these styles and other designs in the turquoise watch and other watchband designs. Generally these bands hold replacement watches, letting you extend the life of your silver turquoise watchband even as you run through timepieces over the years. Whether you are a fan of the delicate patterns of the Zuni, the massive designs of the Navaho, or the Native American Concho design, a vintage turquoise watchband for your timepiece is yours to own.