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  • Vintage Carved Folk Art TURKEY BOX CALL Unknown Maker Made Of Cedar

    Vintage Carved Folk Art TURKEY BOX CALL Unknown Maker Made Of Cedar

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    Estate Find.vintage box Turkey call. made of cedar. Has carved sides and top. Maker Unknown. Email with questions
  • Custom Turkey Box Call

    Custom Turkey Box Call

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    Custom handmade box call built by Mark Six of Greens Run Calls. Black Palm Over Sycamore Short Box.
  • Irving Whitt Custom Carved Box Turkey Call

    Irving Whitt Custom Carved Box Turkey Call

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    Irving Whitt (IHW) custom carved turkey call that's sounds as great as it looks (you'll be tempted to take it afield). Irving has won many NWTF awards and his calls are in the NWTF Museum in Edgefield...
  • Lamar Williams Turkey Call

    Lamar Williams Turkey Call

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    This is a Lamar Williams Limited edition that Lamar made as there was on 75 total made by him, black walnut from Iowa and butternut from the banks of the Mississippi River and this is written on box b...
  • Handmade Spalted Maple turkey box call

    Handmade Spalted Maple turkey box call

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    SPALTED MAPLE SIDES. This is a double sided call made from the Spalted Maple with beautiful black lines. The lid is Purple-heart. The end blocks and bottom are red cedar. It has been hand tuned to mak...

About Turkey Calls

Creeping stealthily through the forest or waiting patiently in a blind is all worthwhile when you score a juicy piece of game. A high-quality turkey call is a must-have for hunters who love wild turkey meat and the beautiful feathers that come with it. These calls are also useful for nature lovers who enjoy viewing the bird in its natural habitat. The turkey box call is a time-honored device for summoning these striking wild birds, and for many long-time hunters it remains their go-to solution. Buy one or two turkey calls for practical use, or procure some vintage options and create a unique themed collection that celebrates all the different sounds that these creatures make. For beginners, the push-button friction call offers an easy solution, while a slate turkey call, or a pot-and-peg, supplies more sound variety. Check the eBay listings from reliable sellers to find a turkey call that fits your needs. Keep in mind that some choices offer more authentic and varied sounds than others.