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About Turbochargers

The mention of a turbocharger conjures up images of top-notch race cars zooming around at speeds that seem to be comparable to the speed of light. However, turbochargers are not just for race cars. A turbocharger is able to increase the efficiency and power of the vehicle that you use for your daily commute. It does so by compressing the air so that the engine is able to force more into each cylinder. This extra air allows more fuel to be used, resulting in more power. For a small engine, the mini turbocharger is a great way to increase this petite engine's horsepower. Reliable sellers on eBay offer many different turbochargers, ensuring that you can find the perfect one for your vehicle. An electric turbocharger is a good choice if you are looking for less lag from the time that you press the gas pedal to when your car accelerates. It runs off of electricity rather than gas. A car is like a second home to many people; it makes sense to make additions, such as a turbocharger, that offer better performance and make it more pleasurable to drive.