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About Turbo 350 Transmission

Your made-for-speed project car or drag racer needs just the right transmission. Turn to the 350 turbo transmission for the exact oomph you need to really rumble on the raceway. The 350 turbo is a three-speed longitudinal transmission built to brave anything in its path to keep the best street vehicles vrooming around the bend. It can be manual or automatic, depending on the setting you choose. The 350 turbo transmission works well with engines up to 550 horsepower. There is a wide selection of transmissions on eBay, including all the necessary equipment for you to install it from your own garage. There is also a large selection of 350 turbo transmission rebuild kits and 350 turbo transmission plans. The latter options allow you to have a more hands-on experience during the build than popping a fully functioning transmission into your vehicle. You are sure to find the perfect pairing for your project and skill level. Take off down the track in your hot rod with its newly installed 350 turbo transmission.

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