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About Tulips

As the snow melts and the temperatures begin to rise, you can almost feel a hint of spring in the air. You look forward to the birds chirping and the telltale signs of the end of winter when beautiful tulip, daffodil, and crocus plants begin to rise from the cold, hard ground. Since you remembered to purchase new bulbs on eBay and plant them before the first frost, you enjoy their vibrant colors and pick a few stalks to create an inviting bouquet in your home. Your friends and family are in awe of your manicured spring garden bed and wonder why they did not do the same. All hope is not lost, however, since they can use the force grow method and grow tulips indoors in a container with loose dirt. However, if they are lacking a green thumb, a simple bouquet of silk tulips also brightens the room and brings springtime indoors. Watch the world come alive after a hard winter and bask in the beauty of spring flowers.