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About TUK

There are people who swear by classic and timeless designs and turn their noses up at upstarts and trends. TUK breaks the mold of classic and timeless by infusing risque, cute and badass in their line. They manage to thumb their nose at the snobs. Their designs are still elegant and sophisticated, particularly some of their Mary Janes and platform boots. Teenagers and yuppies get a kick out of thick soles—pun intended. Platforms have always been sought-after everywhere and particularly watched in eBay. Mixed with the prints that made other brands like Keds and Chuck Taylors such cult favorites, TUK Creepers and Cat Shoes have launched imitations across the globe. Have you ever noticed that your classic and timeless shoe styles can seem drab and dull in photos? That's because they're made for college, office, client meetings, family celebrations and comfort as much as style. TUK shoes, on the other hand, are meant for visual impact strong enough to dominate a photograph even when you're with five or 25 other people.