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About Tufted Headboards

When you are looking to dress up your bedroom a bit, you cannot go wrong with a tufted headboard. These padded headboards often have other decorative elements, such as nailhead trim or tassels, which really evoke a feeling of elegance in your personal space. If you are looking for a more masculine feel to the space, consider a leather tufted headboard. Weathered or even suede options are easy to care for, and they bring warmth into a space. For a more feminine room, velvet tufted headboards are a terrific choice. Whether you choose deep jewel tones or pale pastels, the feeling evoked is soft decadence, which goes well with silks and satins. Consider the materials of your bedding when you look for padded headboards. You want the materials to work well with each other, rather than working against each other. If you choose too much contrast, your bedroom is less comfortable feeling than it could be with complementary fabric choices. With the vast inventory on eBay, you can find tufted headboards for any size bed or budget.