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About Tube Tops

For many women, the mention of tube tops brings back memories of summer days in the 1970s when tube tops and bell-bottom jeans were popular choices for everyday casual wear. A quick glance at a few scenes from any mainstream TV show from that era can confirm the ubiquitous nature of that fashion statement. Fast forward to modern times and the tube top is still around, but, like most things, it has undergone an upgrade. Tube tops have morphed into various long tops, tube dresses, and stylish short tops offered in a variety of shapes, shades, and textures. Stepping out of the casual designation, sequin tube tops allow for a comfortable yet flashier choice of shirt for evening events or nights out on the town. Colorful crochet tops give off a retro vibe, but sleek satin trimming updates the look. For those wanting a racier style, a stretchy tube top woven between or underneath strips of lacy or sheer material adds a hint of mystery and smoldering charm. The real charm, however, in choosing to wear a tube top is its wrinkle-free elastic fabric as saving time never goes out of style. While browsing for body hugging tube top cocktail dresses or flowing tube top sundresses, nostalgia may be on the mind of some, but the many tube top selections offered by the reliable sellers on eBay are firmly rooted in the present and the beauty and convenience of wash-and-wear fashion.