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About Trunks

I love what you have done with the place! With your sense of style, you hear it all the time, like when you added that trunk to your living room in place of the old coffee table. Because the vintage trunk doubles as blanket storage, you combine style with function. In fact, you also keep a steamer trunk at the foot of your bed to hold extra pillows and linens. eBay carries a wide selection of new and used trunks so that you can decorate in the distinctive fashion you are known for. Most trunks are rectangle-shaped but there are variations available, including dome top trunks once owned by the wealthy and flat top trunks often used for traveling on ships and trains. Some wooden trunks have interior drawers and compartments to keep very small items organized. Whether your taste runs to antique or modern styles, you can find a trunk that enhances your home.

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