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About True Temper Shafts

For the first 400 years of its existence, golf was played with clubs that had wooden shafts. In 1931, True Temper golf shafts were introduced, and they were constructed with steel. The Tennessee company began sending representatives to golf tournaments around the country to promote the newfangled True Temper steel shafts. By the end of the decade, not only had traditional hickory shafts disappeared, but the sport passed a rule that golfers could only carry 14 clubs when they played since steel shafts were not expected to break. The next great revolution is golf shafts occurred in the 1980s with the introduction of lightweight graphite shafts that made it possible to build clubs with larger heads that hit the ball farther than steel shafts. Today, almost all drivers are constructed with graphite shafts, but players still prefer True Temper iron golf shafts for maximum control with the shorter scoring clubs. The best place to find a full range of True Temper golf shafts is on eBay, where reliable sellers can help you match the exact shaft to fit your game.