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About Truck Tires

You ask a lot of your truck, and it delivers. However, even the strongest and most powerful trucks need new truck tires now and again. The trucks that work the hardest, on long stretches of highway or through rough terrain, may need new tires even more frequently. When shopping for tires, look at the brand, size, design, tread, and ply. On eBay, you can find new and used truck tires from well-known manufacturers, such as Goodrich and Cooper. Descriptions of the tires let you know if they are for off-road, all-terrain use, if they are commercial truck tires, or if they are best for other purposes. To find tires to fit your truck and rims, check the diameter size. Popular truck tire diameter sizes are 15, 16, and 17 inches. Another number you can check when shopping for truck tires is the ply. This refers to the number of layers of reinforced rubber that are used to construct the tire. Tires for normal commuting are generally 2- or 4-ply, while trucks that must traverse rough terrain carrying heavy loads may require 6-ply or above.