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About Truck Tail Lights

Don?t you just hate it when you come out of the grocery store and one of your truck tail lights has been cracked, and the culprit didn?t leave a note? Don?t fix it with that tacky translucent repair tape. Find an OEM or universal replacement lens or lamp from a reliable seller on eBay and retain your truck?s integrity and value. You can find vintage compatible replacement lamps from almost any era. Truck tail lights in particular lend themselves to a wide selection of universal styles. You can use them to enlarge the face area of your tail lights, enhance the illumination by upgrading to LED-based lamps, or add a center-high-mount-stop-lamp (abbreviated CHMSL and pronounced "CHIM-sul") in the rear window so your old truck will be street-legal. Did you know? When CHMSL lamps were mandated in the 1980s, they were found in a study of taxicabs to reduce rear-end collisions by 50 percent. Now that everybody?s used to them, the overall reduction is only 4.3 percent, but at least that?s something. Universal rear truck lights are particularly suitable if you just picked up a utility trailer, boat trailer, or camper. Whether you?re hauling groceries or moving across country, make sure your rearward lighting is safe and legal before you get pulled over.