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About Truck Mirrors

Warning, objects in mirror may be closer than they appear. When you are driving a large truck, the design can interfere with your line of vision, but you can fix this by adding a new pair of truck mirrors. Vintage truck mirrors feature a large, rounded shape that makes it easy to see approaching cars from the rear. Swan neck mirrors stick out from the side of the car, giving you a better view of your back bumper. Peep windows with integrated turn signals add style to your truck. For something a little more modern, get universal truck mirrors in a chrome finish. You can choose to have mirrors that are oriented vertically or horizontally. Search eBay to find new and pre-owned truck mirrors from their large inventory. Mirrors for specific brands like Ford, Chevy, or Dodge feature exclusive manufacturers? designs. When you are on the road, minimize blind spots and reduce the risk of accident with truck mirrors.