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About Tron

Light bikes, data discs, and neon lights in blue and red ? if these images seem familiar to you, then you might just be a fan of the Tron franchise. The original "Tron" movie was released in the 1980s and quickly became a cult classic. The film celebrates the dawn of the digital age through slick, futuristic visuals and a story line that fulfills every gamers' dream; being sucked into a game world of your own creation. With the release of the film's sequel, "Tron Legacy," the franchise found new life with updated special effects, action sequences, and a more sophisticated narrative. Fans around the world marvel at the series' ingenuity and beauty, buying figurines, cosplay outfits, and other merchandise for both decoration and play. If you are a fan of the series, you can find many of these items on eBay. Reliable sellers across the site offer items such as a Tron light cycle, arcade cabinet, action figure, or DVD for you to enjoy. This merchandise allows you not only to celebrate the films themselves, but also the era of innovation this series represents.