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About Trolling Motor Mounts

When you are trolling, that big engine that got you out to your favorite fishing grounds is more of a nuisance than a help; it is too loud, too powerful, and burns too much gas. A trolling motor mount lets you turn off the big outboard and use a less powerful, and more economical, motor for low-speed work. A bow mount trolling motor fits right on the front of your boat and pulls it through the water. The big benefit is that they are out of the way, but you have to be able to fasten them down securely out of the way whenever you are using the main engine. A transom mount motor usually sits off to one side at the rear of the boat, so you can just putter along. It is simple to install and use, but some people find it makes the stern a little crowded. Whether you want to mount a new electric motor up front or a refurbished gas model on the transom, a quick visit to eBay will show you all of your trolling motor mount options. Happy fishing.