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About Triumph Trident

When it comes to classic vehicles, sleek and powerful motorcycles are sometimes overlooked. The Triumph Trident, however, makes too powerful an argument to fall in with other models. The Trident is a beast, putting out 750cc of power. The engine is an air-cooled pushrod triple that puts out over 55 brake horsepower while averaging well over 30 miles per gallon. Perhaps most important to fans of the bike, however, is its trim design. The Trident is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful British motorcycles ever produced. Most iconic is the teardrop shaped Triumph Trident tank. Even during its production years, the Trident comes with a classic look, a look that is only heightened with the passing of the years since its release. You can find plenty of Triumph Trident exhausts, as well as fully functioning bikes, on sale by browsing through the vast inventory on eBay. The Triumph Trident is a classic example of beautiful British bike design, with subtly refined handlebars and a tidy sense of balance unifying the project.

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