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About Triumph TR3

Produced between 1955 and 1962 in Coventry, England, the sleek Triumph TR3 sports car is an iconic example of British racing style. Typically seen as an open two-seater roadster, the TR3 was also available with a rear seat as well as a steel hard top that attached to the chassis with bolts. In the U.S., you can stay dry with a convertible hood that snaps on or off, as well as side curtains. With a four-speed overdrive manual transmission and a 1991 cc or 2138 cc straight-four engine, this classic Triumph looks most authentic in British racing green. Responsive and nimble, Triumph TR3 wheels measure 15 inches in diameter. The 4.5-inch-wide wheels are slightly larger than the 4-inch TR2 wheels, and wire wheels provide an authentically British vibe. The 1957 TR3A features a few upgrades from the earlier variants, including a wider front grille, a standard-issue tool kit, and exterior door handles. The final model year, produced in 1962, was unofficially named the TR3B. The last version of the Triumph TR3 led into the 1961 TR4, featuring the TR3A body and a 105-horsepower engine that topped out at 110 mph. If you are searching for this sporty vintage British roadster or Triumph TR3 parts to keep yours on the road, browse the large inventory on eBay for a piece of British sports car history.