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About Triumph Thunderbird

Imagine cruising down an open road with the wind blowing through your hair and sun warming your face. Throw your cares away, and turn this fantasy into a reality with a Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle. The original Triumph Thunderbird was introduced in 1949 and produced through 1966. It was so popular that Triumph has introduced three additional incarnations of the motorcycle since then. Recent bestselling models include the Triumph Thunderbird Storm, which boasts a 1700cc engine, twin headlights, and a sleek blacked-out appearance, and the Triumph Thunderbird Sport, with a 900cc engine, 82 hp, and a six-speed gearbox. If you are in the market for a powerful yet sophisticated motorcycle, consider one of these popular models or any of Triumph's other Thunderbird models. Find a wide range of Triumph motorcycles as well as a host of parts and accessories on eBay, where you will always find reliable sellers and a variety of convenient shipping options to suit your needs. The open road is calling to you, so start shopping today so you can start cruising tomorrow.