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About Triumph Bobber

Go cruisin' on a Sunday or any other afternoon on a vintage Triumph Bobber motorcycle. The term "bobber" refers to a motorcycle that has had at least one of its fenders and other nonessential parts removed. A traditional bobber has no front fender and a bobbed, or shortened, rear fender. Although some Triumph enthusiasts prefer to purchase pre-built stock motorcycles, others prefer the Triumph Bobber because stripping the motorcycle of some of its nonessential components reduces the cost. A bobber is also an excellent option if you plan to customize your motorcycle. If you are on a budget, and you want your own Triumph motorcycle, consider purchasing a Triumph Bobber frame and building the motorcycle yourself to cut the cost. This allows you to choose the parts you want to include, and you can truly trick out your ride with various Triumph Bobber parts and accessories. Frames and components are widely available on eBay for the Bonneville, Speedmaster, Tiger, Thunderbird, and various other models. Pick and choose your own parts to create your own one-of-a-kind Triumph masterpiece.

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