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About Tritium Watches

The illumination methods of modern watches is always advancing, and tritium watches are yet another example of how a naturally occurring element can be calibrated into an amazing piece of timekeeping technology. Tritium watches utilize the radioactive isotope of hydrogen to provide a constant light source that can last for decades. It is the same technology you may see on modern road signs or in the dials of airplane cockpits. A number of quality brands manufacture watches that have this technology and you can find many of them within the vast inventory on eBay. Android, for instance, has their own T-100 model. The Tritium T-100 watch features automatic movement with a sleek analog display. This makes for a brilliant blending of old and new, and the transparent bracelet gives it a modern flash for a look you can fall in love with. Traser Tritium watches are a worthy choice, as well. The P5900 features a smooth Ronda 505 movement and a sharp, black design, giving this a serious, military feel that is subtle but expressive. It is also water resistant up to 99 feet, and coming fitted with a NATO authentic nylon strap, it has the same efficiency, comfort, and durability you would expect from a military style watch.