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About Triple Threads

If baseball stadiums are called cathedrals by those who love the game, it is no surprise that some of the most attractive elements of Topps Triple Threads series of baseball cards are its relics. Every box promises buyers a number of triple relics that have small pieces of material, such as player uniforms, embedded into the card itself, as well as a guaranteed autographed triple relic and a jumbo-sized relic card. Collectors may want to pick up a Triple Threads booklet detailing the numbering of the cards and other details so they can keep their search to complete the set on the right track. In addition, if a collector needed, say, a card from the 2011 Triple Threads series, such as B.J. Upton's card featuring a bit of patch from the player's uniform, reliable sellers on eBay would be able to help them get this or any of the other Triple Threads cards thanks to their large inventories.