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About Triple Date

Sure, your smartphone can tell you exactly what time, day, and month it is, but it cannot compare to the class of a triple date watch. The selection of triple date watches available on eBay hearken back to a time where your great grandfather relied on it to be able to tell exactly when the sun was going down so he could clock out and go home to his wife and kids. Now these old school watches are available for you to wear as a reminder of what life was like before technology came around and complicated it. Check out a vintage LeCoultre triple date watch from Lucien Rochat that is built to last. Find these watches brand new or as pre-owned pieces that have already given previous generations precision timekeeping. For another throwback piece, check out a Movado triple date. These vintage watches feature hand dials that require you to keep track of your own time and not let a smartphone dictate all of your appointments.