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About Trimmer Lines

Taming the weeds in your lawn is not one of your favorite chores. With sturdy trimmer line on your string trimmer, you make your lawn look great in a short amount of time. The thick nylon line is strong enough to cut through grass and other weeds cleanly. As you go around the yard, the line begins to break down, but a quick knock to the end of the trimmer releases more line for you to move on without stopping. Green line blends with the grass so you do not have to pick up the excess. With a trimmer line spool, wind the amount you need and still have some left over for the next time. String trimmer line comes in standard sizes, so you are not limited one particular brand or type. Find a large selection of trimmer line for your weed eater on eBay from many reliable sellers. Get the job done neatly and quickly then go back inside and away from the heat of summer.