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About Trilene

You have decided to go all out on this year's fishing trip, hiring a boat and taking to the seas in search of your biggest catch to date. Whether you are out fishing for sharks and deep-sea fish, or simply minnows in the creek with the kids, Trilene line is one of the most trusted in the industry. Trilene fishing line is manufactured by Berkley, the world's leading fishing tackle company, and you can rely on it to handle even the most furious fish. Trilene Fluorocarbon is a professional grade line, crafted for ultimate invisibility so fish struggle to see it, and with ultimate impact strength, made with a special PVDF formula for maximum strength under tension. If you are looking to land the biggest fish you can find, you can also buy Trilene Big Game fishing line, manufactured using Dyneema, the strongest gel-spun polyethylene fiber line in the world that is super strong and perfect for deep water jigging or live bait fishing. No matter what your requirements are for your next fishing expedition, you can be sure the sellers on eBay have exactly what you are looking for. From rods and line, to apparel and accessories, you will find an inventory larger than any regular fishing store can offer, and have all of your purchases shipped conveniently to your door. Therefore, you can forget about another drive to the store and get back to planning your next expedition.