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About Trike Conversion Kit

The tenuous balance of a two-wheel motorcycle excites, but stability and convenience can be just as enticing. A trike conversion kit allows you to transform your motorcycle into a three-wheel vehicle by switching out the rear wheel for a double wheel. Turning a motorcycle into a trike offers a range of advantages, not the least of which is an increase in stability and security on the road. A trike setup also offers more storage capacity depending on the design of the kit, which can include a number of compartments. Trike conversion kits are available for specific makes and models of bikes. Harley-Davidson trike conversion kits can work with Sportsters, Dynas, and Softails, matching not only their specs, but also their styles and finishes. Entertain the option too, of using an all-brand trike conversion kit that fits over the original rear wheel for a simplified refit. You can find a trike kit for almost any make and model by exploring the large inventory of options on eBay including Harley, Kawasaki, and Honda trike conversion kits.