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About Tri Tronics

Once upon a time, there was an adorable little Jack Russell puppy named Stinky. He would bark and bark and bark until finally his family decided that either they could purchase a Tri-Tronics bark collar for him to wear, or they would have to have wear noise-cancelling headphones themselves every single day for the rest of Stinky's life. The reliable sellers on eBay understand how awful it is to have a dog that just will not stop barking. They know that sometimes no amount of training can keep that dog from yapping like crazy every single time a squirrel passes through the yard or a bird flies overhead. They have exactly the Tri-Tronics dog collar you have been searching for to keep the peace in the neighborhood. Pick out the Tri-Tronics shock collar that fits your dog, no matter how big or small, and get the quiet you need to get some sleep at night. Choose the Tri-Tronics option for training your dog to stop that yapping, and enjoy a much happier life with your pooch.