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About Tri Power

In the 1960s and 1970s, no individually recognized engine component held more power than the cartoonish Tri Power carburetor. This monstrosity, consisting of three Rochester 2G two-barrel carbs, was a gearhead's dream, and it burned unconscionable amounts of fuel. The result was earth-shaking. Tank-like cars such as the GTO launched down the road when the throttle was floored. During times of responsible operation, the center carburetor did a fine job of regulating the fuel flow for relatively efficient performance. On eBay, you can find the Pontiac Tri Power to complete restoration of your "goat." Reliable sellers offer a wide variety of auto parts, but a simple search brings up all options in the Tri Power family. If it is a Ford Tri Power that you need, you can certainly find a number of options for those models. The triple carburetor was shopped around to various car companies, so the variety of parts found in your community can be overwhelming. With eBay, you can conveniently browse options offered by sellers from around the world.

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