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About Trench Art

In the middle of a battle, in a trench or in a field on foreign ground deep into enemy territory, there is often nothing beautiful to be found. But, even in these pressing conditions, the need to be surrounded by beautiful things endures, and it is this need to create that gives us trench art. First identified as an art form during World War I and popularized during World War II, trench art now encompasses any art made by soldiers in battle situations or by artists in non-combat situations who use materials unique to military use like shells, mortars, and other artillery rounds. While vintage trench art pieces from conflicts like the World Wars and the Vietnam Conflict are most prevalent, contemporary pieces like a trench art shell casing vase or a mortar round lamp can be found. Unique trench art abounds, and pieces range in size from tiny lighters and letter openers to larger sculptural pieces. Buyers looking for trench art from a specific conflict or time period can usually find what they are looking for by searching the vast selection of pieces on eBay.