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About Trek Road Bike

Many outdoors enthusiasts enjoy going for a hike now and then, but you prefer going for a Trek instead. With lightweight aluminum and carbon frames, and featuring comfortable cushiony bar handles, Trek road bikes sweep you off your feet -- sitting in a comfortable, cushioned saddle, you happily go along for the ride. Road bikes feature thin tires and narrow frames, which minimize wind resistance and turbulence. They feature drop handlebars to give you the option of riding upright or down low. You can control the front and back brakes with a squeeze of the brake levers, which sit just off the front of the handlebars for quick and convenient access. Gearshifts reside close to the brake levers, letting you control the resistance level with ease. Trek road bikes come in styles specifically for women, like the Trek WSD road bike. This bike, as the name implies, features a women-specific design, with a shorter, lighter frame and more compact components than a similar model for men. You can find this bike in different gear sets, with two or three chain rings. You can also look for a gender-neutral bike, like the Trek 1000 road bike. This bike features flat pedals, one gear ring, and wider tires, making it ideal for novices. You can look for these bikes and more in the vast inventory on eBay, and soon enough you can lead the Trek.

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